Scheduling regular maintenance checks with a qualified plumber is the best way to improve the lifespan of a home plumbing system. Regular maintenance keeps the plumbing system running smoothly and safely all year long. Maintenance includes cleaning the plumbing system, repairing broken parts, and replacing outdated components. 

During regular maintenance checks, the plumber will inspect the plumbing for signs of damage and suggest solutions to the homeowner, such as replacing or repairing broken parts. During the maintenance appointment, the plumber can also perform professional drain cleaning, pipe hydro-jetting, and other professional cleaning services to keep it working as efficiently as possible. 


homeSome hazards are associated with skipping out on regular plumbing maintenance. Some plumbing problems, such as hidden leaks, are hard to diagnose without the help of a professional plumber. When a hidden leak goes unnoticed for a long time, it can lead to extensive property damage, including mold growth and damaging the home’s foundation. 

When a leak reaches the home’s electrical wiring inside the wall, there is an increased risk of accidental electrocution or electrical fire. Pipe leaks and burst pipes can be dangerous because a house fire puts the entire neighborhood at risk. Regular plumbing maintenance helps protect homeowners from plumbing disasters. 

The plumbing system is connected through a complicated network of pipes that connect to the main water line and the sewer. A small problem in the kitchen, for example, could cause problems elsewhere in the home’s plumbing because it is all connected. 


Plumbing systems do not last forever and have a definite lifespan. Doing regular maintenance will help to extend the longevity of the plumbing system. Doing routine maintenance on the plumbing helps protect the homeowner’s investment in their plumbing system. 

Plumbing system replacement can be disruptive to the household because many pipes are hidden beneath the floor, ceiling, lawn, and even under the home’s foundation. To prevent needing a replacement too soon, homeowners should get regularly scheduled maintenance on their plumbing system. 


saveThere is a correlation between utility bills and maintenance. Forgetting to do maintenance on the plumbing system can increase water and electricity bills from the system running inefficiently. Maintaining the plumbing with regular plumbing checks is essential to prolong the lifespan and save money on utility bills. 

A leaking faucet or pipe can add up to a lot of money going down the drain each month. Catching plumbing issues before they worsen into a serious problem can save homeowners tons of money on water bills and prevent unnecessary repairs. Doing regular maintenance helps keep the entire plumbing system running smoothly and efficiently so that it requires less water and energy to get the job done. 


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