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Turning Your Bathroom Into a Modern Spa


A popular gift for the holidays, newlyweds, and new homeowners is anything having to do with ‘smart homes.’ There are smart thermostats, TVs, refrigerators, and items made for just about any other appliance in your home.

Your bathroom plumbing is not excluded from this! There are numerous devices on the market that can help turn your bathroom experience into one that resembles your favorite spa.

However, finding which of those devices work with existing products and stay within your budget can be difficult! This is why it's always best to choose local vendors with any questions regarding smart devices. Their knowledge and expertise in this area always makes the difference between spending a fortune for nothing, or spending less to feel like a king!

Figuring Out Smart Homes

smarthomeA smart home doesn’t have to be built from the ground up in order to function with all of these ‘smart’ devices.

In fact, a smart home can be any home in which the homeowner has invested in devices to create a better living experience or even save on energy. With that said, every single room in your home can be made to be ‘smart,’ including your bathroom.

Bathrooms are actually the perfect room to start when envisioning your smart home. You can add geothermal flooring, automatic lights, motion-sensor sinks, and even digital showers!

What is The Purpose of Digital Showers?

prosconsDigital showers are a fantastic purchase for your smart home. These showers can be programmed for each person that uses it so that everyone has their own personal temperature and water pressure.

In addition to this, as you enjoy your shower, you can have it set to increase or decrease the temperature to signify that you are late for work or the next person needs to get in. Just about every major plumbing fixture company has their own version of a digital shower.

Some are more or less expensive, while others may have far more or fewer problems. Digital showers are not all equal, and it is worth taking the time to decide exactly what you want from it. Working with a professional will help give you insight into known issues and can give you realistic expectations.

Finding The Perfect Showerhead

showerheadFor those that do not want to spend the money on a digital shower just yet, simply investing in a newer model showerhead might do the trick.

There are so many options on the market--some feeling similar to rainfall, others that offer chromatherapy and Bluetooth music, while the fancier showerheads may have jets that can give you an all-around clean feeling.

There really is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ showerhead for your home--it is all up to your preference! Just think about it: turning on the shower, finding your perfect temperature, and stepping into an oasis of rainfall. Closing your eyes, you let the jets wash away your day, relaxing you and getting you ready for a peaceful sleep.

The Service Plumbing Difference

Whether you are just looking for a new smart shower product, or you need help with installation, call Service Plumbing Inc. We can make sure your smart shower looks and feels its best for years to come! Our team understands the investment that is made with every smart home purchase.

Although we can’t take care of your TV or wireless thermostat, we can definitely assure you the best, spa-like bathroom experience when you trust us to install any and all plumbing fixtures! If you’ve learned a thing or two about smart homes, take a minute to share this article with your friends!

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