Achieve Smarter Home Plumbing with Small Changes


The advent of modern plumbing has allowed homeowners and residents to perform household tasks with ease. Running hot water and a convenient method of dispensing waste has become such an enriching, yet normal part of our lives. It's hard to think of what would happen if we went without it for even a short period of time.

The ability to take care of your plumbing system is an important part of being a responsible homeowner. It doesn't take much to help ensure your components last a long time, or they won't break down as quickly. Here are a few simple ideas that you can implement for the maintenance of your home's plumbing.

Purchase a Hair Screen for Your Shower

“haircleaner”Instead of letting hair be washed down the shower drain and dealing with it later, stop it in its tracks with a hair screen.

A lot of hair drops from our bodies while showering or shaving, which can make its way into the plumbing system and develop into a clog.

Shower screens help prevent this by trapping hair before it enters the drain. Just be sure to clean it on a regular basis so water can continue to flow normally.

Pay Attention to Water Pressure Levels

“balancedwaterpressure”High water pressure isn't always healthy for plumbing systems. If the pressure is too elevated, it will put stress on the plumbing components and lead to breaks and leaks.

One way of making sure your water pressure is balanced is by monitoring its levels. Buy a measuring device from a hardware store and check your plumbing once in a while.

If the pressure exceeds 85 psi, it may be problematic, and you should contact a plumber to discuss your options. Also, homeowners who own low-flow fixtures should remember these devices don't affect the water pressure, only the amount of water that is coming out.

Grab a Strainer for Your Kitchen Sink

“cleandrains”One place where clogs usually form is in your kitchen sink. Any food particles that are washed away during cleaning can build up into clogs.

The best thing you can do to ensure this doesn't happen is by purchasing a sink strainer. It will capture any large items and stop them from entering the plumbing system. It's a simple method of avoiding blockages.

Also, when cleaning up after preparing a meal, residents should never use their sink as a method to get rid of cooking grease or oil. Oil- or fat-based liquids solidify in the colder temperature of your pipes and create sticky clogs.

Comply with Plumbing Regulations

“localrequirements”Your city has laws regulating the plumbing components needed for your home.

It's thanks to these rules that homeowners have quick access to water and a set of guidelines to follow which can protect plumbing systems.

Check with Ocala, FL municipal service information to see how these regulations impact the network you rely on.

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