The Holidays Are the Perfect Time for Water Replacement

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Should a New Water Heater Be On the Family Wishlist?

It might not seem like it, but the end of the Fall and early Winter days are the perfect time to have water heater repair or replacement. Water heaters go through a lot of work on a daily basis. Homeowners rely on them for cleaning every area of the home as well as even cooking some meals. It is important that homeowners do what they can to take care of the water heater they have. The holidays are the perfect time to do just that. However, for some homeowners, it might be time for a new water heater altogether.

If this is the case, homeowners can look for the below-stated signs to see if they should include a water heater replacement as a part of their holiday plans.

Age Is Everything For Water Heaters

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One of the easiest things to forget about a water heater is its age. Fortunately, there is a manufacturer’s label on the side of all water heaters that displays the age of the unit. If the label is scratched and illegible, it is advised that the homeowner act as if the water heater is on the verge of replacement.

The other thing about the age of water heaters is that their lifespan has a lot to do with whether the unit was properly maintained throughout its life. Sometimes homeowners don’t take the time to have their water heaters professionally looked at, which can lead to the unit breaking down sooner than other water heaters.

Look For a Cracked Storage Tank

This may seem obvious, but sometimes the crack is hard to find. Not to mention homeowners don’t particularly spend a lot of time looking at their water heaters, which could lead to a cracked storage tank going unnoticed until other signs start to show up.

The thing about a cracked storage tank is that it quickly results in other everyday occurrences, including:

    • Changes in water pressure
    • Leaking, or water puddling around the unit
    • The water heater making strange noises

Regardless of the symptom, whenever a water heater starts acting up, the homeowner must call a professional right away.

Is the Water Discolored?

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Water discoloration is severe. It is vital for human beings to drink clean water on a daily basis. Unclean water can lead to any number of illnesses. If the homeowner notices their water has a rust-colored tinge, it is essential that they call a professional for further help and advice. 

Most of the time, it results in water heater replacement. Believe it or not, water heater replacement isn’t as expensive as it seems. There are many types of water heaters on the market now that are suited to fit all budgets.

Service Plumbing Is There No Matter What

The professionals at Service Plumbing Inc have been in the industry long enough to know when it’s time for homeowners to replace their water heater. Ocala, FL residents should call the moment they notice anything out of the ordinary. Their experts will help homeowners make the right decision for them! Call Service Plumbing for water heater services in Ocala.

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