A Guide To Keeping Gutters Clean This Fall

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Expert Tips for Maintaining Clean Gutters During the Autumn Months

A home’s rain gutter system plays a crucial role in protecting against interior and exterior flooding, foundation damage, and landscape destruction - not to mention the all-out dousing of visitors or delivery people. The system works simply by capturing rainwater from the roof and carrying it off through downspouts to where it can harmlessly drain away (or be stored for later use in a rain barrel).

Keeping these rain channels clear of obstruction is a task that falls to the homeowner. Throughout most of the year, this isn’t much of a problem. But during the fall months, when the wind picks up and the leaves start flying, a little more vigilance is necessary.

Professional Gutter Cleaning vs. the DIY Approach

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Whether it’s done from a position on the roof or from a ladder propped against the side of the house, cleaning out the gutters is a dangerous business. Even a one-story home presents more than enough height to cause serious injury in the event of a fall, and numerous homeowners are hurt each year in precisely this way.

For this reason alone, it may be a good idea to hire a pro who’s been trained to handle the risks involved. In addition, even with the strictest safety precautions, gutter cleaning is still a monster of a chore (and a dirty one at that). Many homeowners find that all that time and effort might be better spent playing with their kids or watching their favorite team play ball.

Reduce Flying Debris by Trimming Problem Trees

As most of the junk that winds up in the gutters naturally comes from the surrounding trees and foliage, some basic yard maintenance can help keep the buildup to a minimum. Some trees may not shed their leaves in the fall but can still drop plenty of debris, such as twigs, seeds, and pieces of bark - especially during storms or on breezy days. The closer these are allowed to get to the house, the more their natural leavings will accumulate in the gutters.

Any limbs which extend beyond the roof’s edge should be trimmed back (using only arborist-approved methods). Not only will this reduce the amount of debris in the gutters, but it will also reduce the likelihood of storm damage from broken branches.

How Gutter Guards Make All the Difference

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Gutter guards are becoming increasingly popular these days, as they virtually eradicate the chances of a clog - and the need for constant gutter cleaning. As the name suggests, a gutter guard is a protective grate, screen, or filter installed on the gutter’s skyward side to stop leaves and other matter from entering while simultaneously allowing water to flow in via small holes or slits.

Gutter guards are a worthwhile investment for any homeowner who’s tired of the constant gutter-related headaches. Most types are relatively easy to install, and even the top-of-the-line varieties are fairly inexpensive. However, safety is always the top priority, so a professional’s expertise may be an equally worthwhile investment to avoid more than just a headache.

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