Fast and Affordable Gas Line Leak Detection in Ocala

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If you use natural gas as an energy source in your home, you must always be on the lookout for the signs of a gas line leak. Gas leaks are dangerous for Ocala, FL homeowners because natural gas is flammable and toxic to humans. A gas leak in your home poses a serious health and safety risk.

If you suspect a leak in your home, call the experts at Service Plumbing Inc right away for immediate help with gas line leak detection. We will determine if there is a leak, locate the problem, and offer an effective solution that will keep your family safe.

Ocala, FL Gas Leak Detection Services

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Signs You Have a Gas Leak

For natural gas users, learning to recognize the following signs is of the utmost importance. Noticing these signs could mean the difference between detecting a gas leak in the early stages or experiencing health problems from not noticing the leak at all. Watch out for the following signs and symptoms in your home:

  • Rotten Eggs: Gas is a colorless and odorless fume so to make it safer, gas companies put an additive in it that gives it a scent similar to that of rotten eggs. If you notice this smell in your home, you probably need professional gas line leak detection.
  • Dead Grass: Dead grass in your yard is a sign of a gas leak underground. As the gas leaks out of the pipe, it will kill all the vegetation in the immediate area.
  • Hissing Sounds: Noticing a hissing sound coming from the gas line is literally the sound of gas exiting the pipe. This is a definite sign that something is wrong.

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How to Handle a Gas Leak

If you suspect a gas leak in your home, do not panic! Simply follow these easy steps to ensure a quick repair.

  • Make sure all your gas appliances are turned off.
  • Call the gas company so they can shut off the gas to your home.
  • Call the experts at Service Plumbing Inc for emergency gas line leak detection.
  • While you wait for us to arrive, open your windows to air out the home.
  • Evacuate the home with your family and pets.
  • Wait a safe distance from the home until we arrive.

If anyone in your family is feeling dizzy, nauseous, or faint, take them to the emergency room right away for an assessment.

Ocala, FL homeowners know they can always rely on us for fast and effective gas line leak detection. For immediate gas line leak assistance in the area, call 352-369-5656 and speak with our friendly and knowledgeable staff.