How to Fix Poor Water Pressure in the Shower


Poor water pressure in the shower can make it more difficult and less enjoyable to take a shower. There can be various reasons why the water pressure is low, including an inefficient or dirty showerhead, a clog in the plumbing system, or a leak in the pipes.

Plumbing experts want to share in this blog post how to determine why water pressure is low in the shower and discuss possible solutions. A professional plumber can quickly and easily find solutions for low water pressure in the shower when all else fails.


The first step to fixing a problem with low water pressure in the shower is understanding how bathroom plumbing systems work. A network of pipes hidden away behind walls, ceilings, and floors make up the plumbing system. All of the pipes connect to one main water line, so when there is a problem with one part of the bathroom plumbing, it can mess up the entire system.

The shower water pressure may be low because there could be a clog somewhere else in the bathroom. A clogged shower drain, bathroom sink drain, or toilet could all cause an issue with low water pressure from the showerhead. Homeowners may need professional drain cleaning services to resolve clogs deep in the plumbing systems.


The main water line supplies the showerhead with water through the pipes. When one of these pipes springs a leak, it can mean trouble for the shower’s performance. The plumbing system can leak enough water before reaching the showerhead to affect the water pressure.

Most of the plumbing in the bathroom is hidden away, making it difficult for homeowners to find a hidden leak. One of the ways that homeowners can find a leak is by listening carefully. Sometimes, the drips of water can be heard behind thin walls.

It is best never to ignore signs of a hidden leak like low shower water pressure. Over time, a leaking pipe can cause extensive property damage and lead to mold growth. Professional plumbers can quickly find a leak and fix it to prevent property damage and low water pressure.

plumber fixing shower headSHOWERHEAD SCALE BUILD-UP

“Scale” is a film of mineral deposits that can build up on kitchen and bathroom appliances in homes with hard water. Hard water is when there are too many minerals stored in the water. Although it is normal and natural for there to be minerals in the water supply, an overload of these minerals can lead to problems with keeping the plumbing system clean.

Showering with hard water can also make hair and skin dry and dull. Sometimes the scale buildup on a showerhead is enough to prevent the water from flowing out and impacting water pressure. The showerhead can be cleaned using a descaler and temporarily solve the problem, but to prevent scale build-up from reoccurring, homeowners may need to invest in a water softener to reduce the minerals in the water supply.


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