Drain Cleaning & Hydro Jetting in Jacksonville

Got a stubborn clog in your pipes? Call today for clogged drain repair!

Your pipes and plumbing are crucial to your family’s health and happiness. One inconvenient stoppage can really put a wrench in life. To get water flowing the right way, we offer expert drain cleaning and hydro jetting services in Jacksonville, FL.

Service Plumbing Inc has a team of experienced drain cleaning specialists. We know what to look for and how to fix it. For 40 years, we’ve been helping homeowners with safe and efficient water solutions at a competitive price.

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How Do Clogs Form?

In a perfect world, the only thing going down your drain is used water. Of course, that isn’t always the norm. From food to grease, soap scum and hair, the occasional clog is going to happen—no matter how cautious you are.

These clogs develop when waste products make their way down the drain. They collect and buildup until eventually water cannot pass freely through the pipes. This is where a trained professional can use the right equipment to clear the clog and get water moving again.

Where Do Most Clogs Occur?

Certain points in your plumbing are more prone to clog than others. The kids might have flushed something they shouldn’t have. Or food made it down the sink without the help of the disposal. Even more common, hair and soap residue in the shower can accumulate in the drain or pipes.

Pipes are narrow and have vulnerable points called elbows. These elbows are tight corners that water travels around. This is often where food and other waste will collect.  Over time and with enough buildup, you’ll need these pesky clogs cleared out by a professional. Need clogged drain repair in Jacksonville, FL? We’re experienced and ready to help!

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Long-Lasting Clogged Drain Repair

Hydro jetting is a fast and effective way to rid your pipes of clogs. With a high level of water pressure, it clears away any debris or obstructions. Around 4000 psi packs a powerful punch as it forces its way through your plumbing. This doesn’t just clear the one problem area you’re currently facing but cleans your pipes throughout. This prevents future clogs in other areas.

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