Water Heater Services in Jacksonville

No more rinsing soap out of your hair with ice-cold water. Call for hot water heater service today!

“Hey! Who used all the hot water?” If that’s a common question in your household, we can help you start the day with perfect water temperatures and strong water pressure.

Service Plumbing Inc in Jacksonville, FL offers fast and affordable hot water heater services. For over 40 years, we’ve been installing, repairing, and maintaining water heaters with high standards. We’re familiar with all makes and models, and will find the solution your equipment needs. Ready for consistent water temperatures?

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Is My Water Heater Getting Old?

Picture your average day—how often do you use hot water? Because of the frequent use, hot water heaters have a fairly short lifespan. Even in the best conditions, around the 12-year mark, you’ll start to encounter problems.

You might not notice anything big at first. Maybe the pressure is a little low. Or hot water runs out quicker than it used to. We can help you determine whether a simple repair will do the trick or if you’ll need to install a newer system. We’ll educate you on the options and give you honest advice for your hot water heater.

How Much Should I Spend on a New Water Heater?

Choosing the right hot water heater comes down to your family’s needs. Consider the initial investment. Compare costs on the equipment, but keep in mind the long term savings. While a high-efficiency electric unit might seem expensive up front, it can lead to greater savings over time. In comparison, gas hot water heaters are generally more affordable to operate. It all depends on your local utilities.

You’ll also want to determine the tank capacity that’s right for you. A larger tank might not be necessary. We want you to save money, not waste it. Call today to find out your best options for replacing your water heater.

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Common Hot Water Heater Problems

Your hot water heater is key in providing you safe water in an efficient way. A professional inspection can make you aware of small issues that lead to bigger, more expensive problems down the road.

We commonly see these water heater issues in Jacksonville, FL:

  • Water leaking from the top or bottom.
  • Water that’s too hot or too cold.
  • Not enough water.
  • Water takes a long time to heat up.
  • Noises from the tank or pipes.
  • Dirty or rusty water.

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