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Make the Best of Refreshing Summer Drinks with Filtered Water!

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Three Reasons Why Everyone Should Have a Water Filter Installed This Summer

In this information age, it’s not hard to find information on just how powerful water is. Without it, life would not exist. And one of the major feats of human engineering is the plumbing systems that people around the country enjoy. They can open up a tap and have water flowing directly into their homes, which is pretty amazing when one stops to think about it! 

But, no system is perfect, so it’s no surprise that the water flowing into people’s homes is not always the cleanest of the safest. This is why it’s important to invest in a water filter. And there’s no time like the summer to get one!

The Best Tasting Water


One of the most tangible reasons to get a water filter is the improved taste of water that has been filtered of impurities. There’s nothing quite like a large glass of cool water in the middle of the summer heat. But if that water tastes funny, it’s no longer quite as appealing. And this isn’t just relegated to pure water. Other drinks, like coffee, tea, lemonade, and even ice cubes can benefit from the better taste of filtered water. 

Not only that, but those homeowners who enjoy a whole-home filter don’t have to worry about bathing in strange-smelling or bad-tasting water. With a whole-home water filtration system, water is filtered before it even reaches the sink, shower, or at any faucet. 

Feel Confidence in Chemical-Free

The next benefit of a whole home water filter is the confidence in knowing the water throughout the home is chemical-free. It seems like every week that there’s another piece on the news about dangerous chemicals leaking into the water supply. In some cases, homeowners don’t realize what’s wrong until it’s too late and they’ve been drinking and bathing in chemical-laced water. 

With a filtration system, homeowners no longer have to worry about the quality of their water. They can rest easy knowing that things like pesticides, insecticides, lead, chlorine, nitrate, and arsenic are not in their water. 

Detoxifies and Promotes Health

The third major benefit of installing a water filter also has to do with the health of those consuming the water. In fact, clean water is essential for detoxifying the body. It helps to flush toxins and other waste byproducts out of the body. Those drinking unfiltered tap water may be putting more toxins into their bodies than they’re flushing out with the water. 


It’s also no secret that water is essential for health. Clean water is the foundation on which all other health sits. Many homes have small, faucet-mounted filters they use for their drinking water, but it’s important to go with a filter that will thoroughly clean all the water throughout the home. This is best done with an under-sink filter for those who only want clean water at one faucet. The overall best option is a whole-home filter to keep household members safe, healthy, and drinking clean water! 

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