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Slow drains require a professional to resolve them safely. Give us a call for fast, accurate solutions!

Taking care of your home is a top priority for Ocala, FL, homeowners. Since it is arguably your biggest investment, ensuring your plumbing components and pipes are working safely and efficiently is important.

Blockages and clogs are some of the biggest issues affecting pipes and drains. Clogged drains are created by debris, such as hair, food, grease, and oil, that get stuck in the drain. At Service Plumbing, we specialize in professional drain cleaning methods that will remove stubborn clogs and keep your drains working efficiently in the future.


Over time, debris enters your drains and gets stuck to the inner pipe wall. If left alone, it will continue to build and congeal until a large, stubborn clog forms that prevents water from draining properly. Clogged drains are more than an inconvenience. If left unchecked, a blockage in the drain could lead to more serious plumbing problems. If you notice any of the following issues in your home, call a professional drain cleaning company right away:
  • Trouble flushing the toilet and a clogged toilet repair isn’t the solution.
  • Waiting longer than usual for the toilet to refill after flushing.
  • Slow-draining water in the tub, shower, and sink.
  • Foul odors coming from the drain.
  • Standing water in the sink, tub, or shower.
Any number of these issues require drain cleaning repair from a professional. We also recommend annual cleanings by a reputable drain cleaning plumber like Service Plumbing to keep things moving smoothly.

Common Reasons Why Drain Cleaning is Necessary

Drains are an integral part of your plumbing system, responsible for carrying away wastewater and preventing water damage within your home. However, several common issues can lead to the need for drain cleaning services. One prevalent culprit is the accumulation of debris like hair, soap scum, and food particles, which can clog a shower, tub, or sink drain. Another frequent cause is the infiltration of foreign objects into your plumbing system, potentially causing severe blockages. Furthermore, disregarding regular drain cleaning can lead to the buildup of grease and oil, particularly within the kitchen plumbing systems, which can hinder the proper flow of water. Addressing these issues promptly can prevent plumbing emergencies and ensure the efficient operation of your plumbing system.

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How Often Should You Schedule Drain Cleaning Services?

To maintain the health of your plumbing system and avert potential plumbing emergencies, it’s crucial to know how often you should schedule drain cleaning services. The frequency of these services can vary based on your usage and specific needs. As a general guideline, it’s advisable to have regular drain cleaning done annually to keep your plumbing in optimal condition. However, more frequent cleanings may be necessary if you frequently use your garbage disposal or have a large household. Moreover, if you notice slow drainage, gurgling sounds, or foul odors emanating from your drains, it’s essential to schedule drain cleaning promptly. Service Plumbing is equipped with advanced tools and expertise to unclog your drains efficiently, mitigating the risk of water damage and potential plumbing emergencies.

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When you encounter drain problems or require emergency drain cleaning services in Ocala, FL, Service Plumbing is your reliable partner. Our team of experienced professionals is equipped to tackle a wide range of drain issues, ensuring your plumbing system runs smoothly. We understand that timely and efficient drain cleaning can prevent major plumbing emergencies, safeguard your home from water damage, and extend the life of your plumbing systems. So, don’t wait for issues to escalate; contact Service Plumbing today for expert drain cleaning services, whether it’s a routine maintenance appointment or an urgent situation requiring immediate attention.

Frequently Asked Questions


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While it is possible to repipe a home yourself, it is not recommended, as it can be a difficult and dangerous process. Repiping a home requires working with water and pipes, which can easily lead to accidents if not done correctly. It is best to leave this job to the professionals.

If your water pressure is low, you may need to call a plumber to have your water pressure checked. Low water pressure can be caused by a variety of factors, such as a clogged water filter or a leaky faucet. It’s important to address low water pressure as soon as possible, as it can lead to water waste and increased energy costs.

It is recommended that you clean your drains every six months. However, if water is backing up into the tub, sink, or toilet in your home when you flush it, then you need to call a plumber right away to clean the drain. If water backs up into your sink then it’s probably coming from your shower and vice versa. Cleaning out the lines will prevent water from backing up into your home.

There are a few effective ways to clear a grease-clogged drain.

  • Use boiling water and dish soap to break up grease buildup.
  • Pour water mixed with baking soda into the drain, then pour vinegar on top of it to get a chemical reaction that breaks down grease.
  • Drain cleaners can also remove water buildup and hard water scale.
  • Plumbers recommend using a water-powered mechanical drain cleaner to clear clogs altogether. These machines are easy to use and clear away any type of clog quickly.

For a badly clogged drain, you may need to hire a professional plumber that can clear out the drain with special equipment.

Water heaters come in a variety of sizes, and the size you need depends on how much water your household uses. Here are some general water heater size guidelines:

    • If you use less than 40 gallons of water per day, a 40- or 50-gallon water heater will be large enough.
    • If you use between 40 and 80 gallons of water per day, a water heater with a capacity of 60 or 80 gallons will probably be required.
    • If you use over 80 gallons of water per day, an 85-gallon water heater should provide an adequate supply.


Note that these are general guidelines only; how much water your household actually uses may vary. To be sure you have the right water heater size, consult with a plumbing professional.