Finding The Sink That’s Right For You

Take a trip to your local home improvement or hardware store and walk down the sink aisle. You will find that there are sinks of every shape, size, finish, and style. What’s amusing about this is the fact that you probably had an idea in mind of exactly what you wanted before you started seeing all of your options.

You might have had an exact picture or a general thought, but after viewing all of the variations, you now have NO idea of what you’d like, what would look best, or what is best for your kitchen plumbing. We are going to discuss the best way to find a sink that is right for you, your home, and your budget. Keep reading for more information!


sinkresearchYou might have thought we were going to have a magical answer or equation you could use to find the best sink. In reality, the best way to do this is by researching the types of sinks, costs, and what features are available as well as the ones you’re willing to pay for.

As far as kitchen sinks go, there are several styles to consider, with the most popular being farmhouse, undermount, and bar sinks. When it comes to bathroom sinks, the basic design is relatively simple, but you must decide if you want a pre-fabricated vanity, a drop sink, pedestal sink, or something completely different.

Another consideration to make for both the bathroom and kitchen sinks is the type of material you would prefer. Stainless steel is the most popular choice for kitchens and vitreous china is the most common choice for bathroom sinks. However, there are numerous options–almost too many to name!


sinkcostWhen you are choosing a sink, you are rarely choosing the faucet that goes with it. This means that after you find the exact make and model of sink you’d like, you are going to have to pay for the fixtures to go with it.

Because of this, you should absolutely keep the price of the sink in mind, and weigh out whether or not that high-end, high maintenance sink is worth the extra money when there is an equally attractive but less costly option right next to it.


callusWe don’t recommend walking into the first plumbing or hardware store you see and purchasing a new sink. In fact, it is best to call several stores to find out if the installation is included with the price of the sink, and any sales going on or deal being offered.

Once you find a few stores that appeal to you and your budget, take some time to shop at each one, looking for a sink that catches your eye. Another idea is to find a few sinks that you think would look great in your home, regardless of price, and shop it out online.

You might not find an amazing deal, but then again a small amount of wait time and research could nab you a great deal! If the store does not provide installation or seems like they do so at a high cost, call Service Plumbing Inc at (352) 525-2255.

We are glad to install your new sink and give any recommendations that are needed! We hope you enjoyed this article and learned a thing or two. If you did, please take a minute to share it with your friends and family!