Getting a Plumbing Permit: Everything You Need to Know

Ready to begin remodeling your plumbing? Making upgrades to your home can be a worthwhile activity. It can make life a little easier while providing a feeling of self-satisfaction from a job well done. Before you can even start your plumbing project, however, you need to learn about permits and which types of tasks require permission from the city.

We can help you understand the purpose of applying for permits. Here’s everything you need to know when it comes to pulling plumbing permits.


“permitprotection”Although it might feel annoying at times, applying for permits is in every homeowner’s best interests. Getting the right permits grants you access to municipal reviewers and inspectors from whom you need to gain approval to proceed with different stages of your project.

They exist to ensure everything you do complies with local plumbing codes and zoning laws. In addition, plumbing permits can also be used as evidence you’re compliant with sanitary and safety concerns.

Those who aren’t carrying the proper permits may be fined by the city. There may also be complications if you try to sell your home. But most importantly, without these permits you may unwittingly go ahead with a project without any assurance it sticks to code and minimum safety requirements.


“whenpermit”The scale of a project matters when it comes to acquiring plumbing permits. If you’re conducting a relatively simple task, such as replacing a toilet, there’s no need to seek permission.

When it comes to large projects that will affect your home’s plumbing system, however, it’s likely you will need to have a permit. Projects that typically require a permit include repiping, drain line replacements, sewer line replacements, water heater installations and anything to do with relocating plumbing.

It’s also important to note permit requirements may change for different cities. Some ask for permits to perform particular tasks while others do not. It’s recommended you check with Ocala, FL municipal regulations before beginning.


“howmuchcost”Different cities have different rates for permits depending on the details of the project and type of building you’re working on. It could cost between tens and hundreds of dollars for each permit.

They may also change the price depending on how many fixtures you want to install or offer packages, which charge more for installing items beyond the threshold. Some cities might even charge an application fee.

If you’re ever confused and need assistance with the permit process, you can always ask a local Ocala plumber for help.