Is 120 Degrees The Perfect Temperature for Your Water?

Do you ever think about the temperature setting your water heater uses to adjust your hot water supply? It’s true that the water heater is a “set it and leave it” appliance. You typically don’t think much about your water heater until you notice that it’s not working and your shower is completely cold. But there is actually an ideal temperature for water heaters, and we can tell you why it’s important to maintain that temperature.


fightsbacteriaIt is common knowledge that standing water is a breeding ground for bacteria; however, it is also well-known that high temperatures can kill bacteria. Since water heaters are full of standing water, it is important to keep the temperature high enough to make sure that any bacteria that makes its way into the water is killed.

The ideal water heater temperature is 120F, which is more than adequately hot enough to prevent the growth of bacteria in your water heater. There is no need to keep your water heater at a higher temperature, and you can even invite more risk of injury into your household by keeping the temperature much higher.


waterheatertemperatureIn most water heaters, the temperature is set to 140F. This extremely high-temperature setting can lead to scalding, especially if you’re living in a house with young children that can accidentally turn on the hot water.

Scalding temperatures can harm the skin of a young child extremely fast, creating actual burns on his or her skin. The risk of injury aside, the extra energy it takes to keep the water heater temperature at 140F wastes money.

Homes with larger water heaters will especially cost more because of the amount of water being kept at such a high temperature. 120F is plenty hot enough to keep your baths and showers steamy and relaxing.


When it comes to your water heater temperature, you want to getavailablewaterit right. You can save money, protect your children from injury, and keep bacteria away at 120F while also never having to wait for hot water!

Your water heater will keep plenty of water nice and toasty at the appropriate temperature for you and your family. Not having to wait for the water to warm up in between each bath or shower is a pro that everyone in the family can appreciate.


If you are running out of hot water too fast or you are noticing that your water is much hotter or colder than normal, check the thermostat on your water heater. In fact, do you know where the thermostat on your water heater is located?

Your thermostat could be set to the wrong temperature, and it could also be possible that your water heater needs maintenance or replacing. If you need any help with your water heater, call Service Plumbing Inc today!

Whether you just need help to find the thermostat for a temperature change or you need help choosing another water heater for your family, we can guide you on your way to water heater heaven.