Is It Safe For A Homeowner To Install Their Own Electric Water Heater?


Many homeowners pride themselves on their ability to perform their own repairs around the home. From unclogging a kitchen sink to identifying the telltale signs of a water leak, there is nothing wrong with wanting to fix things on a DIY basis.

However, certain jobs should only be performed by licensed professionals due to the risks involved. One of those jobs is an electric water heater installation.


water heaterHot water is necessary for a comfortable home. Whether that’s for doing the laundry, taking a shower or a bath, or just for basic hand hygiene, hot water just makes life better. There are two different ways to heat the water in the home, by using either a gas or an electric water heater.

Electric water heaters are often preferred because they are significantly more efficient than gas water heaters. However, they do often cost more on the electric bill. The way they work is by warming the water using a heating element/rods that transfer the heat to the water around them in the storage tank.

The hot water rises to the top of the storage tank, where the water then travels to where it is needed. Every electric water heater has two inlets – one that enters the tank and one that exists. They also have a thermometer to monitor the temperature of the water as well as a pressure relief valve.


While electric water heaters may seem like they would be easy to install, even for a novice, there are actually quite a significant number of problems that can stem from inappropriate installation, and not following proper water heater safety precautions.

safety dangers

Worse case scenarios for the safety dangers associated with a poorly installed electric water heater include fire, explosions, carbon monoxide poisoning, and other health risks like Legionnaire’s Disease. Just having one small thing installed in the wrong place can cause the pressure to build up.

This makes installation risky even for the most experienced of homeowners. There are smaller risks too, of course, like not having enough hot water, expensive water bills, or a water heater that breaks quickly. To avoid those risks, homeowners should contact their local plumbing company to hire a professional.


call usWhile there are some homeowners out there who may be capable of installing their own electric water heater, that still doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea. A licensed plumber will be able to install the electric water heater safely and without issue, knowing how to do things the right way and what to avoid.

In addition, licensed plumbers are required to be up to date with all of the local code requirements. This can also help the homeowner avoid fines if the right permits have not been obtained prior to starting the installation of a water heater.

Many also offer both maintenance and repair plans with installation, which can help guarantee that the electric water heater lasts as long as possible and stays running efficiently. They can also help the homeowner fill out any necessary paperwork to make sure the warranty is in place.


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