Putting Plumbing to Good Use: Outdoor Fun!

June contains a very unique day: the longest day of the year! This day falls on June 21st and is the chance to finally have a little rest and recreation. We recommend that you take this opportunity to spend Friday afternoon or evening kicking back with loved ones and having some water fun, and your outdoor plumbing can help with that!

To switch things up a little for the sake of summer, we’ve dedicated this month’s post to sharing some low-budget water activities that you can add to your festivities!


sprinklerandslideIf you don’t want to drive to the beach and don’t want the hassle of going to a crowded swimming pool, a fun way to have a “day out” without actually leaving your home is to find something cool right in your backyard: water sprinklers.

It’s fun to run through the sprinklers, and any water used will also help water your lawn at the same time! If you don’t have sprinklers, you can make unique temporary homemade sprinklers by making holes in items like a hula hoop or a 2-liter soda bottle.

Another idea is to use your sprinklers or garden hose and a soapy tarp into your very own water slide. It’s a fun way to slip around without shelling out hard-earned money to buy a waterslide or spend the day at a hotel with a waterslide.


hosefightsFor the dog days of summer, another consideration is hose fights. It’s a lot of fun to spray water at each other in a fight to see who can soak the other the most. However, keep in mind that this uses a lot of water, which isn’t good for the environment, your neighbors, or your utility bill!

A cheaper but equally fun and competitive alternative would be to have a water gun fight. You can buy a water gun as big or as small as you like and then go all out.

Even after several rounds of refills, you’ll still have used way less water than you would have with even a short hose fight! You can invite as many people as you like or invite your children’s friends over and throw a fun water party for the kids.


waterballoonsfightIf water guns and sprinklers aren’t your thing, another fun water fighting game is throwing water balloons at each other. You could see who gets hit the most, whose balloons just won’t pop, or other quirky competitions.

There also are other games you can play, such as throwing a balloon back and forth to another party using only a towel, and seeing who can keep catching balloons for the longest without them dropping and popping.

You can find water balloon games through a simple web search or make up your own game. Whether fighting or working on teams to complete games, water balloon fights are a great way to increase bonding with your family or friends.

There’s no harm in getting wet to help cool off on a hot day. It actually can be quite fun! If possible, try to conserve water as much as possible so as not to waste a precious commodity, but even so, the longest day of the year only comes once a day, so try to have as much fun as possible! And remember, if you notice any leaks or plumbing issues, you can always give Service Plumbing Inc a call.