Superhero Plumbers Are Sworn To Protect Your Area From the Dangers of Unclean Water

The dangers of unclean water are more apparent than ever thanks to the hurricanes and storm surges that are occurring more often in the Ocala, FL area. Flooding and property destruction have made it more necessary than ever for plumbers to bring safe water to all citizens.

Plumbers are more than aware of the dangers of dirty water, which can be contaminated with E-Coli bacteria, chemicals or sewage. It is their job to use every innovation at their disposal to make sure that this impure water does not come flowing out of your taps.


Drinking and using unclean water can lead to all kinds of health consequences.

1. Bacterial, viral and fungal infections lurk in still and dirty water and manifest as mold and mildew on your walls.

2. Asthma is provoked when the water produces mold spores that are inhaled into your lungs, causing wheezing, coughing and inflammation.

3. Dermatitis and hair loss can be caused by severe allergic reactions to mold and fungal pathogens.

4. Severe intestinal disorders are the result of pathogens such as E. coli in unclean water.

5. Metabolic disorders can develop as the result of hormone-disrupting chemicals found in polluted water.

6. Toxic liver disease can be the result of drinking water laden with chemicals and pathogens.

7. Cancer can be the result your body is unable to handle the toxins delivered through dirty water.

Another issue that comes up during emergencies is the conservation of clean water and the need to replace damaged fixtures and appliances with new ones. These fixtures can be outfitted with UV filters that help sterilize the water that comes into your home.

A plumber can also help unclog drains that have become clogged with debris as the result of a backed up septic system or city sewage system. If this is the case, the plumber can advise you what to do to fix the issue as well as help you work with the city and find the necessary contractors to fix the problem.


Water ConservationYou might be asking how “we can aid plumbers by practicing proper water conservation.” Whenever you upgrade your appliances to low-flow or leak-free appliances and fixture, you are in essence securing your home from a big flood.

This is because most of these appliances are equipped with shut-off valves that easily cut off the source of the water, providing your plumber with a dryer environment from which to fix what is wrong.

The fact is that modern, low-flow appliances and fixtures are much easier to fix, because they are so well designed. Low-flow measures also allow you to have a much less expensive plumbing bill. If you do spring a leak that your water bill will not be sky-high, as you will not be paying for all of the water that escaped from your damaged fixtures.

Of course, even though plumbers can solve most things, they cannot solve everything. If your town has a boil-water advisory because of contamination from a natural or environmental disaster, it is your responsibility to follow that directive, as using just filters may not cleanse your water.