The Best Piping System for your Home

One of the most commonly asked questions in the plumbing industry is whether it’s better to use copper pipes or plastic pipes. The answer is complicated. The better choice will depend on your home and your priorities when it comes to your plumbing.

If you have no idea which is the best choice for your home, then hopefully this article will provide you with information to guide you in the right direction for your plumbing system, for you, for your home.


Copper pipes are one of the most commonly used options in residential plumbing systems. They’ve remained a popular choice because:

  • copperwaterpipesDurability
  • Bacteria and corrosion resistant
  • Protected against outside elements like plant growth and animals
  • Easy Installation

Copper pipes have been a long-standing choice in the plumbing industry. There are several reasons why. Copper pipes are resistant to corrosion and UV rays.

They are safe to use, even in the open sunlight. These pipes are also durable. They are resistant to root growth and cannot be chewed through by rodents. Copper pipes resist bacteria growth and can contribute to cleaner water for your family.


With modern plumbing systems come modern alternatives. Plastic is used in many new construction projects because of its benefits:

  • plasticpipesCost-effectiveness
  • Safer to use in the winter
  • Pipe flexibility

Having plastic pipes installed can be 10-15 times cheaper than having copper pipes installed. This is the main reason so many people opt for this choice.

Plastic pipes are also more resistant to freezing. This could save you a lot of hassle and money in the winter. Plastic pipes are more flexible, so they can handle stress better than copper pipes.


repipingIt’s important to carefully think through your choice of materials when repiping. While both types of piping have their positives, there are also some cons to both copper and plastic.

Copper pipes can freeze and burst fairly easily. This can make for great big messes and costly repairs. While they are resistant to corrosion, it can still happen.

This can make your drinking water less than desirable. It is always important to run your water for several seconds before filling your glass or cooking pot. The obvious negative to using copper pipes is their costliness. When you install copper pipes, you are looking at dropping a lot of cash all at one time.

Plastic Pipes have some problems of their own. They cannot be used outside, where they will be exposed to sunlight. They are also less resistant to bacteria growth than copper. It is possible for roots to grow through plastic pipes and for rodents to chew through them, creating leaks.

You may have even less of a clue as to what type of pipes to install than you did when you began reading this article. There are both pros and cons to each kind of pipe. The best pipes for you will depend on your own desires and the way your home is set up. If it’s time for repiping your home, you should call Service Plumbing for help.