The Real Cost of DIY Water Leak Repair


It is easy to take the modern convenience of plumbing for granted. As a homeowner, you probably seldom think about your plumbing system until something goes wrong. To repair leaks, it may be tempting to take matters into your own hands and try a DIY repair as a means of keeping your home repair costs low. However, this is generally not a safe decision in the long term.

When pipes start leaking there is usually an underlying problem. Homeowners may be able to temporarily stop the leak but it takes the experience of a professional to figure out why the leak started in the first place and fix the root problem.


plumbing tape

Leak sealing products have become popular over the last few years. The two most common forms are tape and pipe sealant (or brushable goop).

Leak sealing tape is designed to hold up to typical household water pressure when it is wrapped tightly around a leak. Putty is designed only to fill in gaps that occur in drain lines that are not pressurized.

Both types of sealing products should be considered very temporary repairs. If you decide to try to stop a leak using these products it is important to try and determine the cause of the leak. Most leaks don’t just happen out of the blue. There is always a bigger cause.


Deciding to work on your own plumbing system is a serious decision that can have major consequences. Some of these “DIY” consequences include:

  • Flooding – Repairs or appliances that are installed incorrectly can cause a catastrophic failure that results in flooding of your home. Flooding can lead to structural issues and floor and wall damage.
  • Damage to Other Plumbing System Components – Joining or wrenching on existing pipes or fittings can cause pipes hidden in walls to crimp or break loose. Damage can also occur to fittings on appliances that cannot be changed.
  • Water Damage – Even slow leaks can cause water damage in the form of mold, mildew, and rot. Any parts of your house that are continuously wet, either from slow leaks or flooding, make your home susceptible to mold. When mold infestation is extensive serious health consequences can result. Major remediation may be required, in the form of removing and replacing walls, floors and structural members of your home.
  • Voided Warranty – Many appliances are required to be installed by a professional, for warranties to be considered valid. Some plumbers go so far as to be certified by appliance companies to work specifically on their brand of equipment.


pro services

If you find water leaking in your home, often it will be a better decision to call professionals. Plumbers can quickly identify leaks and determine the root cause.

After determining the cause, they can quickly put together a plan to remedy the problem permanently. Furthermore, with their knowledge, they can prevent further damage from occurring during the repair.

Plumbers must be licensed to perform their work. Part of the licensing procedure is educational. They are also required to carry certain types of insurance that protect them, you, and your home during the course of a repair.

After factoring in the cost of your time to diagnose a plumbing problem, find parts, make the repair, and risk further damage to your property, you may decide that it is more cost-effective to call a professional. Professionals strive to provide prompt effective service at a reasonable cost.


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