What Are The Top Issues That Cause Water Leaks?

A water leak, on a quick, surface examination doesn’t mean seem like a big deal. It’s a few drops of water leaking out somewhere, but otherwise, nothing is exploding, nothing is broken, and everything continues to work the way it’s supposed to.

The issue is, when you use water leak detection techniques and find a leak, you’re looking at a symptom, and it can mean many different things. In the same way that a cough can mean you’re down with a cold, or you may have pneumonia, leaks carry the same large or small potential. So what causes leaks? Quite a few things, which is why you should always look into water leak repair when you find one.


olderpipesLooking at a big piece of metal, it’s difficult to imagine that anything could hurt something so hard and dense.

But there’s one thing that can reduce any substance to nothing, and that is the passage of time. Even pipes, with no moving parts, are not immune to the power of water running through them for years.

If an older home is still using its original plumbing, that plumbing might be over 100 years old, and made of cast iron.

Even if it’s still running reliably now, pipes over a century old are badly in need of replacement as metal fatigue may lead to fractures, leaks, and ultimately full breaks.


corrosionrustA companion to the damage that time can do is the chemical interactions between pipes, water and air over the span of years and decades.

Pipes, being made of metal, may eventually rust as moisture causes oxidation on the pipe surface, weakening the structural integrity, thinning it out, and leading to leaks.

Even if you replace your metal pipes with plastic, corrosion can still occur. If you use too much drain cleaning product in your sinks, cut down! These products contain high amounts of acid, so overuse of such products can actually dissolve your pipes, then you’ll need some serious water leak repair, or even pipe replacement!


waterpressureThere is a right way and a wrong way to get an energizing shower with high water pressure. The wrong way is to set the water pressure too high for your entire home.

This means every pipe in the home is now subjected to forces beyond recommended levels, which can put a strain on these pipes and lead fractures, leaks, and breaks.

The right way to enjoy a high-pressure shower is to buy a showerhead that pressurizes the water at the fixture itself. That way, you don’t have to subject your home’s entire plumbing network to higher than recommended pressure, just to enjoy it at one water outlet.


Water QualityThe mineral and chemical content of the water itself can also play a role in potentially causing pipe damage, though this is one condition you can’t really change.

The pH level of the water, as well as things like calcium amount may affect pipes and eventually cause leaks. However, most leaks in Ocala, FL will not be serious, provided you get good water leak repair enacted early enough.

An inspection of pipes where the leak occurs can reveal what problem is causing the leak, and then you’ll know what you need to do for more long-term prevention.